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    Standard Interview Julie Kitchen about the MPL

    Tekst: Chris van der Meijde
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    Hi Julie, how are you?

    Really good thanks, ive just returned home from filming the “Enfusion” series in Macedonia where I was chosen to be the co-host. i have also just accepted a role of a stunt double for a famous actress in an upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster, all this follows the release of my Global app “jk muaythai” in conjunction with real fit review and breathe unity.
    I am happy to say that I have some exciting times ahead both in and out of the ring.

    Friday the 2nd of September is the first show of The MuayThai Premier League in Los Angeles with you fighting in this opening show. What is your opinion about The MuayThai Premier League?

    The MPL is an amazing opportunity to showcase Muaythai as a sport and not just the fighters. This is a good example of what will project Muaythai into a more prominent media market and hopefully make the sport better for everyone.
    It was a huge risk for me to enter, as I am at the end of a very successful fighting career and am currently looking at different ventures, but in my heart I knew I had to be involved.
    As a fighter I have never avoided an opportunity to prove myself and this is an epic challenge for me.
    Many feel that I have done enough in my career to be named the best ever female fighter under full rules Muaythai ,but I would still like to stamp my authority in the MPL and show the up-coming future of womens Muaythai as well as the fighters of my generation that I am still a fighter of high calibre.
    As well as the womens league, the UK also has a fantastic representation for the mens divisions with Michael Dicks, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson, who all have a great chance of winning their categories.

    You’re looking forward to the 2nd of September to fight on this big show in Los Angeles of The MuayThai Premier League?

    I am very excited to fight in Los Angeles. The venue looks amazing and America is a fantastic country.
    I have worked with Clifton Brown before when he was part of the Risarc promotion team in Jamaica for the “Champion of Champions 2” event so I know I will have a fabulous time and also meet lots of legends within the sport.
    With Clifton being a world champion fighter as well as a promoter, he understands how a fighter thinks and needs to be treated which is a huge benefit to any show he promotes.

    You made 51 fights and won 13 world titles. What is it that makes MuayThai so special to you?

    There is always more to learn in Muaythai, it is always interesting and has a deep, respectful culture backing its roots. I am so honoured to represent the female side of the sport as a World Champion and have met many good people. To be dubbed “Queen of Muaythai” is very special to me as it is not a name I have chosen, but I have been given by my fan base.
    I am also so proud to see my twin daughters Amber and Allaya (12 yrs) following in my footsteps and becoming household names in the British junior Thaiboxing league.
    Alongside the competitions and World titles, our local gym “Touchgloves” has always been living proof of how Muaythai is a great hobby, even just for improving well being and fitness levels. our club is well known for its friendly, non intimidating atmosphere and has been a huge part of my life.

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    What do you see as your finest hour in MuayThai so far?

    My competition career has never been dull. I have taken a lot of my fights at late notice, once even whilst attending a show as a spectator!
    To fight on the King of Thailands birthday was a massive honour for me, there was thousands of people there and I got to represent Sasiprapa gym under Thakoon Pongsupha. This is a day I will never forget.
    Fighting for Fairtex gym in Pattaya earlier this year was also a huge highlight for me.
    Also, when I fought on “Champion of Champions 1 & 2” I was chosen to attend, much like with the MPL .This is not an opportunity I have had to beg for, but I have been asked to fight because I am a good fighter. Sorry for the long answer, but I cant possibly choose one section of my career as it has all been so exciting.

    What are your favorite MuayThai techniques?

    Everyone expects me to say pushkick/teep, because it has become my sort of signature strike, but over the past year due to an increase of strength training and diet, I am loving the clinch work knees and elbows. I used to always fight on the back foot which worked for me in many fights, but I much prefer now to stand my ground and get involved in a trade of techniques.

    September the 2nd you fight Martina Jindrova from The Czech Republic. What do you know about your coming opponent?

    Martina has a great fight record and holds a lot of titles, mostly under K1/Kickboxing rules so I am expecting some good speed in her striking and combination work. I watched her fight Valentina and she looked very Thai style, comfortable in the clinch and was well balanced . I think she will be a good test for me and I think we will prove to the world how technically good a female fight can be.

    If it is up to you what kind of fight we can expect?

    I would like to say that I have become a more exciting, aggressive and stronger fighter now, my last fight wasn’t difficult for me and a lot of people critisized the quality of my opponent who, in fact had a good record of 56 wins 8 losses, but I didn’t even get out of first gear and I know that the win was down to my improvement in strength and also I am being helped by one of the worlds leading mind coaches Vinny Shoreman so I feel that I am more of a complete fighter mentally and physically than ever.
    In short, im looking forward to a good 5 round war!!

    You are in poule B of the Super lightweight female division. Besides Martina Jindrova you will face Sandra Bastian from Canada and Tainara Lisboa from Brazil. What do you know about them?

    I know Sandra Bastian comes from a good gym with a very talented coach. she came to England a couple of years ago and I heard she was amazing and very powerful, but I didn’t get to see the fight. Like myself, Sandra has been in the game a long time so will be looking to represent her country to a high standard in the MPL.
    Tainara has fought some great opponents and scored a TKO against Chantal Ughi who is very tough and usually goes the distance with very accomplished fighters, so she will also be a dangerous opponent for me.

    Who do you consider to be your biggest rival for the title?

    I think every girl who performs well on the day of their bouts has a chance of winning.
    The league is represented well by the worlds best females at this weight and any of the fighters, myself included would be a fool to expect to be in the final from the start.
    Valentina is probably the strongest fighter in the groups and has an awkward/aggressive style which many of the more Thai style fighters will find difficult to handle, however ,the judges may favour the Thai style fighters and not score some of Valentinas techniques as im sure some are illegal hip throws and lower back grabs, but we will see.
    It is a shame that Miriam had to withdraw as im sure she would have loved to be in the mix. ACL surgery is very serious and could happen to anyone so i wish her a speedy recovery.

    Do you have a message to all the MuayThai fans in the world that are looking forward to September the 2nd to see the first show of The MuayThai Premier League and to see you fight that night?

    To all the spectators please just remember that all the fighters are there to entertain, represent themselves and their countries. We are all there to enjoy and compete in the sport that we love, so give us your best support and it will mean a lot. I am looking forward to meeting lots of people and represent Great Britain as i always have done.

    Julie x